Hole 5 Description

As you climb the hill to the Kenny Perry, blue, and white teeing ground of Hole 5, your anticipation grows. A spectacular downhill shot over water greets golfers on this beautiful par 3. Very few holes in South Florida boast this degree of elevation change. You quickly realize that water protects in front of the hole as well as to the left forcing you to go straight for the pin or to bailout right of the green. Here you see the genius of Joe Lee because the farther you bail out to the right the longer the shot is over the water, while a shot to the green that wanders left ends up in the water. From a closer teeing ground the yellow, red, and silver tees are also challenged to cross the water. Unlike the first four holes, the fifth green features a gentle slope from back left to front right with subtle breaks to protect it. Hole 5 is considered the most beautiful hole on the course for good reason.

Bent Pine - Hole 5

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