Discover the Bent Pine Promise.


With no tee times, Bent Pine becomes the place to indulge in your passion for the game, when you want, how you want. While surrounded by other equally ardent members, you can further drive your love for the game and create a sense of friendship unattainable on any other green. Join us, share your passion, and become part of the tradition here at Bent Pine Golf Club.

The intangible force that drives
& unites our members.

No Tee Times

To find someone’s true character,
play golf with them.

No tee times means exactly that. You arrive at Bent Pine when you want and a starter, Frank or Sam, greets you and asks what your golf plan is: practice, nine holes, eighteen holes? After warming up on the range, you let them know you are ready and they get you started. It’s beautiful. It’s that simple. No tee times. Once you’ve experienced it, you’ll never want to go back.

Beautiful Condition

Tucked away in a secluded pine enclave, there when you need it, it's ready to serve you a golf sensory overload that is incomparable.

Guests and members alike marvel at the exceptional condition of the course. The fairways stretch out before you like a beautiful carpet. Wide open driving opportunity on most holes  helps you get started and then you face the challenge of Bent Pine: well-tinkered greens that are exceptional, fast but fair as your ball roles true to the hole.

Fine Cuisine

From the daily lunch menu to the culinary feast of a wine-tasting dinner, Chef Brian has brought a new level of excellence to dining at Bent Pine. The regular sea-food dinner buffet has become one of the hit dining experiences. And if you aren’t able to come to dinner, there’s always a dining out selection you can enjoy at home.

Food is our common ground,
a universal experience.


Bent Pine's Welcoming Tradition.

New members are pleasantly surprised to experience the inclusiveness of the Bent Pine community. Golf games are arranged several times a week by the Golf Shop, and new members are especially welcome. Men's and women's eighteen-hole and nine-hole games on weekdays, Saturday morning groups for early and late risers, Sunday couples/friends golf, numerous themed tournaments, and monthly Nine and Dine events provide ample opportunities for engagement. Of course, members can golf any day, any time, as you like it, and on your own.


New member Sam Stryker recently commented: "What I loved about joining Bent Pine was how easy it is to get a game. Sign up for any of the men's groups, you are in immediately. Since you are mixed with different foursomes each time we play, I knew most of the golfers within weeks." His wife Ellen added: "I found it exactly the same with the ladies. In no time, I had lots of invites to play golf and attend the Club's social events with my new friends. It's such a pleasure to be so welcomed as new members."

Few clubs enjoy the sense of friendship found at Bent Pine, where members share an appreciation for the game and its social aspects.

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